Accidents will happen... - david street

The Pembroke River is one of my favourite photography spots, there is always something to see and photograph.

On my last visit to the Pembroke river the conditions were just right for a great sunset. Plenty of broken cloud with the sun peeking through every now and again. I also noticed two cockle pickers. I decided to follow them, hoping to get a a few decent shots of them at work. Unfortunately I wasn't watching where I was putting my feet and I stepped in some very deep mud. I lost my balance and headed for the ground. As I was heading for the mud I resigned myself to my camera not surviving the fall. I thought this is the end of my photographic career!

Fortunately, my camera survived! However my trousers did not escape unscathed and were covered in thick, stinky estuary mud. Rather than give up and accept defeat I carried on and managed to capture this photograph of the river at low tide.

Next time I visit the Pembroke River I will be more mindful of where I am putting my feet...


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