Jacobs Pill - david street

As you reach the end of Ferry road and step on to the shore of the Pembroke river, Jacobs Pill can be found by walking along the shore towards Pembroke Castle. 

The footpath ends at a small tidal inlet and it is here you will find the crumbling remains of Jacobs pill. It is only accessible at low tide and if you want to get up close like I did, you will need to wade through a lot of mud. The mud isn't to deep in places and with a sturdy pair of boots it is relatively easy to get to.

The dockyard which only operated for just over 10 years, was built in the early 1870's and was founded by Sir Edward Reed. Reed was the Chief Constructor for the Royal Navy and designed many of the ships launched from Pembroke Dock.

Through Reeds influence an order was obtained from the Japanese Navy who wanted an armoured warship to add to their fleet. The Hiei, named after a mountain north-east of Kyoto was an armoured corvette launched on the 12 june in 1877.

After the Hiei, the dockyard built colliers and worked on several more projects, but sadly failed to build on its initial success. The last ship to be built here was the Mary Jane Lewis in 1889. All thats left of the dockyard today are a few crumbling ruins on the edge of the Pembroke River.   

Jacobs Pill

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