The Pembroke river. - david street

I didn't have to walk far to capture this black and white photograph. I often seek out man made objects such as this rusted "No Tipping Sign". It was only a few feet away from the end of Ferry Road. However in order to capture this image I had to squeeze myself in to the bushes and hold the camera above my head to create this top-down view. In the distance is the river at low tide and Bentlass beyond. 

The river flows past Pembroke castle and in to the Milford Haven waterway. This is a fantastic location and a great place to capture some amazing skies. The Sun rises over Pembroke castle and sets behind Valero oil refinery.

Although this is a beautiful location, it is also a place of tragedy. In February 1889, the Bentlass to Pennar Ferry boat service sank, with the loss of all 14 passengers, John Jones the Boatman and his young helper.

The tragic event is commemorated by a small circular bronze plaque near the junction between Ferry Road and Grove Street. The plaque forms part of the Pembroke Dock Heritage trail.

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