A Brief History

I live in Pembroke Dock, a former Royal Navy town on the shore of the Cleddau River. The Royal Navy arrived in 1814 to build the Dockyard around which Pembroke Dock grew over the next century. During that time the Dockyard built over 260 ships. These included Royal Yachts and Warships.

The Royal Navy Dockyard closed in 1926 and then became an RAF Flying Boat Base in the 1930s. Just under 30 years later, the RAF base closed.

During the 1960s Pembroke Dock found a new lease of life with the arrival of the Petrochemical Industry. Refineries sprang up along the shore of the Milford-Haven Waterway, providing much needed jobs. This is, however, an industry in decline and of the four refineries that were built, only Pembroke Refinery remains.

Despite the towns struggles Pembroke Dock has survived and is in a process of regeneration and renewal. Pembroke Refinery provides much needed jobs over 60 years since its construction. It also supports local communities.     

   The Royal Navy Dockyard no longer builds ships. Instead, it has been repurposed to accommodate modern cargo vessels and a twice daily Ferry Service to Ireland. There is hope for a greener future with the approval of Pembroke Dock Marine. This will see the dockyard become a hub for the development of green energy projects.