Gallery Page - david street


A collection of photos captured whilst exploring the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast.

The rock has got his hat on


Photographs featuring people enjoying the Pembrokeshire coast.



A selection of urban Photographs captured whilst exploring Pembroke Dock.

The Cable, the Wall and the Sky

Valero Project

A photo diary of the  Valero oil Refinery on the shore of the Pembroke River.

Dark Sky

Abstract Macro

A collection of abstract macro photographs created from humble everyday objects.



As photographer in residence I get to photograph the fantastic exhibitions at Oriel Q Art Gallery every month. Currently on show is the annual Oriel Q Winter open. This exhibition features over 100 artworks from a variety of different artists.

The Exhibition will run from the 17th November to the 22nd of December 2018.

You can learn more about the exhibition and download an on-line catalogue from here.

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